…is technically not a real word.  But more on that later. Hi, I’m Amy! I live in Washington D.C. with my husband Frank. I am a part-time professor at a local community college. It’s a great job and I have wonderful students. But I also love my life at home and wanted to chronicle the adventures of my own “home front.”

Ok, now back to homefronting. I knew what I wanted to write about, but I didn’t know what to call my site. Something cute? Funny? Witty? Intelligent? What word or phrase could best explain my love of cooking, crafting, canning, growing things, brewing things and otherwise doing things at home? I went over this for a few days and ran some ideas past my husband. Some were good but were already being used. Others were not good at all!

I described to Frank how I admired women on the home front during the World Wars. Throughout these two conflicts, American civilians participating in various activities to help troops on the military front. Nearly every aspect of the typical American’s daily life changed in order to support the war effort. Food, gasoline and clothing were all rationed. The production of appliances and other goods ceased entirely. Beyond going without, Americans on the home front were called to serve in what way they could. Women played a huge role on the home front by growing victory gardens, canning food and making their own clothing. The woman’s “domestic sphere” was redefined when women joined the workforce as nurses, factory laborers, shipyard workers, street car conductors, test pilots and much more. These women are my heroes.

The active home front supporting a war effort is of course a thing from days gone by, but the idea of being a little more self-sufficient has long been an interest of mine. I kept circling around the phrase “on the home front” until finally I decided to turn it into a completely new word. For me, “homefronting” most adequately describes my own desire to define or redefine the domestic sphere, much like my foremothers of the past.

My end goal for “Homefronting” is to feature recipes, canning tips, craft projects, latest reads, brew updates and maybe a few other adventures here and there. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

Happy Homefronting,


Rosie the Riveter