Back from Hawaii…at least physically

Well summer is practically over and I’ve hardly spent any time posting about it! I am completely backlogged in all my yet-to-materialize posts on gardening, canning, cooking, and the many other projects that have kept me too busy to write!

Oh and we went to Hawaii.


We’re finally back to normal after our long awaited vacation (two years!) to Hawaii over the 4th of July. We spent our time on the island of Kauaʻi and every second was pure heaven. But don’t take my word for it, just look at some of my favorite photos from the trip.

IMG_3595 (1)The sunset view from our condo on the Kalapaki Bay. Sunrise was equally glorious, and usually came with a rainbow or two!

IMG_0353One of the ever present “wild” chickens that roam the island. I usually don’t associate roosters with tropical beaches, however they are the norm on Kauaʻi. While they are harmless and somewhat endearing, I can’t say I appreciated these guys crowing when trying to catch a beach nap…or at 5am.

IMG_3570And speaking of beaches, ours didn’t get any better. Calm water, blue skies, and maybe a cold beverage or two…you can see why we spent a lot of time here.

IMG_0382 (1)But it wasn’t all about being lazy on the beach! We kayaked, snorkeled, sailed, swam, and hiked. And topping it off was our six mile trek in Waimea Canyon State Park. And that view was worth it!

IMG_0278 (1)And all that activity justified being extra indulgent at meal times. On the left is probably the best thing I ate on the whole trip – grilled ono fish with macadamia nut butter on a bed of lo mein noodles, from Mark’s Place. Supports my theory that some of the best food comes from cardboard take-out boxes.

IMG_0425And of course walking around and admiring the beautiful flowers and trees was time well spent. Fallen plumeria flowers were my constant hair accessory – over the right ear if you’re single, over the left if you’re not!




IMG_0414 (1)IMG_0431Mahalo for the memories, Hawaii. Until we meet again.









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