Peach Custard Pie


Continuing with my all peach revue this week, a few nights ago I made a peach custard pie. Now most people think of peach pie as something hot and bubbly and syrupy, not cold, sweet, and custardy. I haven’t seen fruit custard pies very often outside of southern Illinois, but they are very popular in my family, and I believe have ties to German fruit tarts with custard. At any rate, this is the easiest fruit custard pie recipe you’ll ever meet.

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We’re (peach) jammin’

IMG_3761 (1)

And I hope you like peach jammin’ too. It’s peach season here, and over the weekend we visited a local farm to buy a half bushel of Redhaven peaches. We’ve been eating a lot of them with vanilla ice cream for dessert, but I managed so spare a few to make a beautiful batch of peach jam!

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