2017 Congressional Baseball Game

IMG_0224[1]This was our second year going to the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, and as I’m sure you know from the news, this year was a bit different.

Thankfully Congressman Steve Scalise is improving along with others wounded, and it seemed that the general spirit in Nationals Park was that of togetherness rather than partisan competition. Politics are generally apart of daily life in D.C., however it was a great night to set aside differences and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.

IMG_3401We spotted a few members in uniform (here’s Senator Jeff Flake) out and about before the game, talking to fans and pausing for pictures. I should add that many other Congresspeople were in the stands showing support for the players.

IMG_3403Members and other government officials were not the only “celebrities” to be sighted before the game, perhaps the real star of the show was the Budweiser Clydesdale all the way from my beloved St. Louis!

IMG_0225[1]And Teddy Roosevelt! More on him in a minute.


Free loot! By far my favorite souvenir from the evening is my Congresswoman Nanette Barragan baseball card. Congresswoman Barragan was one of two women who played in the game this year, and she scored a hit! Way to go Nanette!

IMG_3405.JPGWe spent a bit of time walking about the ballpark since it was much less crowded than a typical ballgame. But caught one of the teams getting a pre-game pep talk.

IMG_3409As I said, you can’t always escape politics in D.C.; it’s even worked into our baseball traditions. Nats Park is home to the “Presidents Race,” featuring Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Taft, and Roosevelt, although Taft apparently took the night off – Mount Rushmore Presidents only I guess? Teddy is the favorite because he usually loses, however to the delight of many he was the game’s champion.

IMG_3417Shout out to Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who has played in the Congressional Baseball game for nearly 15 years and was at second base that night.

IMG_3415Democrats swept the field with an 11-2 win over the Republicans, but the real victory was that so many could come out and celebrate the night despite the senseless violence from the day before.

IMG_3426Good game.





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